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Step Up to College Tips

July Step Up to College Tips for Success!  

9th and 10th Grade 

11th Grade / Rising High School Seniors 

  • Register for a fall SAT or ACT test. 
  • Do college fit research. If you haven't already, create a list of colleges that are a good academic, social, and financial fit for you. 
  • Start working on your college essay. 
  • Stay connected to Step Up to College resources. 
  • Download the FREE Step Up to College mobile app via the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

12th Grade / Rising College Freshmen 

  • Regularly check your college portal, email, and mail to meet all deadlines for class registration, orientation registration, tuition, and room and board payments, placement testing, and housing requests.  
  • Check your medical insurance coverage at school and provide any information your college needs, such as vacinnation records. 
  • Contact the bursar's office to set up a payment plan, if necessary. 


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