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Step Up to College Tips

December Step Up to College Tips for Success!  

9th and 10th Grade 

11th Grade

  • Start preparing for the SAT or ACT. It's recommended that you take either test at the end of junior year and once again, at the beginning of your senior year. 
  • Choose your 12th grade classes with your guidance counselor, carefully making sure you will have enough credits to graduate and that they meet college admission requirements. 
  • Begin your college research - now is the time to learn about the schools on your list. 
  • Download the FREE Step Up to College mobile app via the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

12th Grade 

  • Remind your teachers and counselors of the deadline for submitting your college recommendations if you are applying Regular Decision. 
  • If you were accepted Early Decision, check the deadline for acceptance and meet that deadline. 
  • Download the FREE Step Up to College mobile app via the iPhone App Store or Google Play.


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