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Step Up to College Tips

February  Step Up to College Tips for Success!  

9th and 10th Grade 

  • Join clubs or teams that interest you and take on leadership roles. 
  • Research summer enrichment opportunities for high school students. The deadlines for these types of programs are typically in the early spring. 
  • Create your RaiseMe profile. RaiseMe allows high school students to create micro-scholarships. 
  • Download the FREE Step Up to College mobile app via the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

11th Grade

  • Start preparing for the SAT or ACT. 
  • Begin your fit research. 
  • Choose your 12th grade classes with your guidance counselor, carefully making sure you will have enough credits to graduate and meet college admissions requirements. 
  • Download the FREE Step Up to College mobile app via the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

12th Grade 


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